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Leather Goods Worker


With huge supply of cattle leather in Bangladesh our Leather  goods workers are making world class leather items. They have theoretical & Practical knowledge of Leather Sewing Machine Operation, Manufacture of leather goods, and manufacturing of various leather product equipment’s. They are also expert on

  • Cutting Leather by Hand and machine.
  • Assembling and stamping operations.
  • Lining pasting and folding.
  • Creating different types of leather items.

Small Engineering and Metal Workers


we have huge number of small engineering & metal worker with practical knowledge about measurement and measuring machine, lathe machine operation, Error detection & repair and maintenance. They are skilled on using, repair & maintenance of drill machine, grinder machine, welding machine. They also have basic workshop practice for cutting, punching, branding, soldering and brazing various metals. They are professional enough to make various products with different metals.

Auto Mobile Mechanics


We have a lot of Auto Mobile Mechanics who are expert on Car/Pick-up/CNG for repair and maintenance, automobile engine operation & restore. They are well trained on Petrol & diesel engine fuel system , engine block , fuel injector, suspension system, auto transmission system, stirring system breaking system, ignition system  & power repair & maintenance. They are using hand tools & power tools professionally in our local industry for many years.

Construction Worker-Cleaner


Construction workers-Cleaner who are also known as Construction laborers or Construction helpers perform many tasks of construction sites that require manual labor.Most Construction worker-Cleaners/Laborers/helpers work full time and do physically demanding work at great heights or outdoors in all weather conditions. Construction laborers have one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses of all occupations. Construction laborers and helpers learn their trade through on-the-job training. Normally they do not have Formal education. Construction site clean-up workers/ cleaner provide cleaning services for commercial, industrial and residential construction sites.

On site cleaning: Construction worker-Cleaners/Laborers/helpers clean up their messes and preparing the area ready for the next stage of construction work. For example, once the flooring work is completed cleaning workers get the property

Construction Worker-Still Fixer


Our workers are well trained and having experience for Building constriction rod branding, MS bar & rod measurement, Cutting, straighten and rust remove. They know operation of various tools for civil construction work. They are also skilled on Steel structure building constriction Additions and deductions works.

Construction Worker-Painters


Construction Worker-Welders


Fish Processing Worker


Fish Processing Worker


Chicken Factory Workers


Garment Industry Workers


Garment is the Major sector where Bangladeshi Workers are engaged.Who has the knowledge of Garments  dyeing & design, Various type of sewing machine, Yarn, Cloth and Stitch. They are also expert on Cloth measurement. They Working experience with Hand tools & sewing machine.

Currently following categories of Garments workers are available in our database.

  • Sewing Machine Operator
  • Mid-level Garments Supervisor
  • Sewing Machinery Maintenance worker
  • Cutting man
  • Iron man etc.